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Minggu, 01 Juni 2014

My SG2105 After 1 year

Hello again,

I've just explained about SG21xx (Tough Series) in my previous post. But, i think it's not complete without a picture how it fades. So, i will share it to you through this post.

This is my own pair of jean. My favorite one, SG2105.

I've been effectively wearing this for about 1 year as a student.
Back Pocket
Personally, i really love this jean. It's not only color changing, but also showing the characters. Not only the fabric changes, but also all the details. The leather patch become more beautiful. The 100% cotton arcuate color also changes and blends with the back pocket fades. The rivets also show their aging process, where the iron rivets (male parts) become rusty while the copper rivet (female parts) give a vedigris patina. I'm not wrong choosing this jean as my partner.

Now, i don't wear this jean so often. I want this jean keeps its color like it is. I hang this jean in the store  . So, you could take a look when you come by.

Thank you for reading!

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