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Jumat, 06 Juni 2014

GO Deeper : THE STRIKE GOLD SG31XX (Cool Series)


Let's go deeper. Today, i will talk about SG31xx, a jean from The Strike Gold, which is known as Cool Series.
A Brand New Pair of SG31xx
This Jean has these following specifications :
• 17oz unsanforized japanese selvage denim (Super rigid)
• Left Hand Twill
• Pure Indigo Warp - Gray Dyed Weft
• GOLD Selvage Line
• Pure Indigo
• Deer Skin Leather Patch
• Iron Male - Copper Female Rivets
• Button Fly
• Made In Japan

The Red Tab
As the regular series and tough series we've talked before, the details of the tough series are mostly the same. It carries all The Strike Gold Details, such as Deer Skin Leather Patch, Red Tab, Button Fly, Hidden Rivets, and  other great details. Yes, they are all details of a jean from The Strike Gold. So, let's go straight to the top point of interest. The Fabric.

The Fabric - Warp & Weft
SG31xx use 17oz unsanforized Japanese Selvage fabric. As all The Strike Gold jeans, it's loomstate. This fabric is not only heavier as compared to regular series (14oz), it's totally different. They start with a pure indigo warp which has a very dark indigo color, but in different tone comparing to SG21xx. For the weft, they use gray dyed yarns. These combinations results a very great color of the fabric overall. The denim is dark indigo and slightly grey-ish thanks to the gray dyed weft. This jean is kinda different as this one is not a Right Hand twill as most of jeans are. A left hand twill jean will give a different fade characters, such a more pronounced vertical fade. I believe The Strike Gold is the first brand using this kind of fabric to their jeans (SG31xx), which has been followed by some other brands after that.
The Selvage Line of SG31xx
When brand new, this jean is a dark beast. It's stiff like a cardboard, even it's stiffer than SG21xx, but still has a pronounced slubbiness. Yes, we need an extra effort just to try this on. After soaking, SG31xx will loosen a bit and more wearable. At this point, this denim will act so different and its hairiness start to appear. Thanks to the its rigidness and great design, the creases will settle after just few wears and it become softer and more comfortable overtime. From that creases, beautiful bright blue will come out.

This jean is available in our store. Please let me know if you have any questions of it.

We carry 31xx in 2 cuttings : 3105 (slim straight) and 3109 (Slim tapered).

Sizes : 28 - 34, 36 (38 will be available very soon)

Sizing Advice : Go for your True size (TTS)

Price : IDR 3.200.000

Note : As stated before, this is an unsanforized jean. So, please consider a shrinkage after washing / soaking. Generally, 31xx will shrink 1-2" at inseam and 0.5-1" at waist depending the temperature of the water and the agitation level you did to the jean.

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