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Jumat, 30 Mei 2014

GO Deeper : THE STRIKE GOLD SG11xx (Regular Series)


As i mentioned before, i'm going to introduce each product from some great brands we carry in our store. Today, i'm going to bring you to know further and deeper about The Strike Gold Regular Series, SG11xx.
SG11xx - Regular Series
SG11xx is one of 4 current jean lines from The Strike Gold, it's called regular series. This denim has specification as these followed :
• 14oz unsanforized japanese selvage denim
• Pronounced slubbiness and hairiness
• GOLD Selvage Line
• Pure Indigo
• Deer Skin Leather Patch
• Iron Male - Copper Female Rivets
• Button Fly
• Made In Japan

Here they are some detailed pictures.
SG11xx - Regular Series - Back Side
Note the RED TAB at the right pocket. It's a great classic detail. Not all jean has that great detail nowadays. The Strike Gold carries this detail on their jeans, but not all retailers are able to get this detail come along with the jeans. There's a law in USA which prohibits red tab featured in any jean, except Levi's. But, we're able to provide you a jean which come along with all details. Nothing is missing!

SG11xx Fabric
The Fabric. it's a 14oz unsanforized japanese selvage. This fabric doesn't through any further treatments after they're woven. Yes, it's loomstate. the fabric is rigid and quite rough, pronounced slubbiness and hairiness as well.
Iron Button

Iron Male Rivet

The Male Rivets and Buttons are 100% Iron with reason. It will get rusty as an aging process along with the denim. Crazy? Yes!
Copper Female Rivet
While the Iron get rusty over time, the copper will have a green patina as its natural aging process. Nice!
GOLD Selvage Line
The Selvage line. This is one of many interesting details, i guess. It has Gold ID while most jeans have red ID as their identity.
The Pocket Bag 
The pocket Bag. It's sturdy and deep which will accommodate us to put things inside more easily and last longer.

Here it is a sample of a faded 11xx jean.
A faded 11xx (Courtesy : Superfuture)

A faded 11xx (Courtesy : Superfuture)
For me, 11xx is simply great. It's a perfect pair of jean to start with japanese denim. It has all the aspects in a great 'Made In Japan' jean. The weight is suitable for us who lives in this tropical country. The Fabric has great textures and characters. The details are not questionable. Last but not least, it ends at  "great deal" price. I believe this is the best pair of 'Made in Japan' jean at this price level.

We carry 11xx in 2 cuttings : 1105 (slim straight) and 1109 (Slim tapered).

Sizes : 28 - 34, 36 (Especially for 1105 is available in 38)

Sizing Advice : Go for your True size (TTS)

Price : IDR 2.750.000

Note : As stated before, this is an unsanforized jean. So, please consider a shrinkage after washing / soaking. Generally, 11xx will shrink 2-3" at inseam and 1-2" at waist depending the temperature of the water and the agitation level you did to the jean.

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