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Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

Brand Introduction (Part 3) : FULLCOUNT

Hello again!

Today we're going to introduce another great brand we carry at our store.

Fullcount is another top japanese denim brand, it has a long experience in this denim industry. Fullcount is the first japanese denim brand which uses 100% Zimbabwe Cotton for their denim. Initially, Mikiharu Tsujita, the founder, had been looking for the best cotton for making jeans. After doing a lot of tests, he decided to use Zimbabwe cotton as the quality stands out among the others. 

Mikiharu Tsujita (Courtesy : Pronto Denim)
Why Zimbabwe Cotton? Zimbabwe cotton is harvested by hand, not by machines like some other cottons. This hand-picking method ensures that the cotton is not damaged and keeps its originality. Thanks to the tropical climate in Zimbabwe, the cottons are able to grow larger and more abundantly. And because of they are only harvested once a year, the cottons fiber length are longer which results a very unique texture yet very comfortable denim. Now, it's common to find denim brands using Zimbabwe cotton, but it wasn't at that time. They made a breakthrough in denim industry and become a trendsetter.

Hand-picking method of harvesting cotton in Zimbabwe (Courtesy : BBC)

Until now, Fullcount is still a strong brand. They stick with classic way of making their own denim fabric while they are doing continuous improvement in their products. Another great thing about Fullcount is their offering various of jeans cutting, from wide to narrow, loose to slim. So, you should be able to find a pair of Fullcount jean which fits you well.

A brand new pair of Fullcount 1109XX (Courtesy : Fullcount)

A worn pair of Fullcount (Courtesy : Illrd Icon - Styleforum)

A worn pair of Fullcount (Courtesy : Illrd Icon - Styleforum)

Try a pair of Fullcount jean, it's gonna an easy job for you to distinguish its great quality and their passion in a pair of jean, from fabrics, stitching, and details. Mikiharu Tsujita says that Fullcount is only for the denim Purist. Personally, i must say "YES" about this. So, if you have a big passion in denim, especially a classic denim, Fullcount is a must pair of jean for you. 

If you have any inquiries about Fullcount, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you for reading!

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