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Selasa, 13 Mei 2014

Brand Introduction (Part 1) : THE STRIKE GOLD

Hello Guys..

I hope you guys are doing well today.

Today, i'm going to introduce one of some brands we carry in our store.

THE STRIKE GOLD is founded by Hamamoto Family in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, the origin of Japanese denim.  Using their over 2 decades experiences in Japanese Denim industry, they launched THE STRIKE GOLD as their own denim line. THE STRIKE GOLD is their own interpretation of American lifestyles from 50's to 60's which has been developed with modern silhouette as well as Japanese craftsmanship and traditions to create very high quality products.

We can see this commitment by looking at their products. They use the best material in each pair of jeans and each piece of clothes. Their commitment has brought THE STRIKE GOLD to be the one of some top brands in denim industry. 

Currently, they have 4 interesting lines of jeans, they are regular series, tough series, cool series, and newly released, Classic series. I will introduce each of these amazing denim in my upcoming posts. 

THE STRIKE GOLD has details which make their products stands with pride. 
First, rich characterized and textured loomstate fabric. 
Mud Dyed Weft of Tough Series
  Second, customized rivet which has male part, made from iron, and female part, made from copper. The male part will get rusted and the female part will be darken as their aging process along with the jeans.
Rivet - Female Part

Rivet - Male Part

Third, gold sparkle selvedge line. Beauty.
The Strike Gold Selvedge Line

Fourth, pickaxe arcuate stitched with 100% cotton threads. 
Manually Stitched Arcuate - With Red Tab

Fifth, sixth, seventh, and more. Try a pair and find more interesting things in this jean. 

Now, i want to tell all readers how THE STRIKE GOLD names their jeans.

Each name contains 4 digits which can be divided into two groups, XXYY.

XX represents the fabric used for the jeans.
11YY -> Regular Series
21YY -> Tough Series
31YY -> Cool Series
51YY -> Classic Series

YY represents the cutting / silhouette of the jeans.
XX01 -> Regular Straight
XX03 -> Classic Straight
XX05 -> Slim Straight (Tight Straight)
XX09 -> Slim Tapered (Super Tight Straight)

So, for example, 2105 is a tough series jean in slim straight silhouette. I hope this article give all denim readers and denim enthusiasts a deeper comprehension about this great brand, THE STRIKE GOLD.

Thank you for reading. I'll be back with many interesting things.

Stay tuned!

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