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Senin, 15 September 2014

Brand Introduction : Studio D'Artisan

Hello World,

It's been so long i haven't posted any topics here. I apologize for it.

In last 2 months, we received so many new items and some new brands. I will post them here one by one. So, please stay tuned.

As a start, i want to introduce one of new brands we've just carried. It's STUDIO D"ARTISAN. We can called it SDA to make it simple.

SDA is one of some great denim brands in Japan. They are founded in 1979. So, they've been making jeans for 35 years! As you can see at the above pictures, they use pig as their mark which makes this brand more unique and funny in the same time. But, once you see their jeans and other stuffs, you will see their seriousness, attention to detail and great craftsmanship. Also, one thing you must know, pig is only their marks / logo. None of their products are using any pig body parts.

As a member of Osaka 5, SDA is one most respectful denim brands in the world. For me, they are also one of most innovative denim brand on the planet. Why? Besides their basic / standard denim which are already super great, they quite often release some unique new jeans which are unique and collectible.

Now, We carry 3 types of their standard denim : SD-103, SD-106, SD-107. Here they are the specifications :
• 15oz "Rigid" Unsanforized SDA original Japanese selvage denim
• Unwashed / Raw
• 100% Cotton
• Blue Selvage Line
• Nickel Button Fly, Copper Rivets
• Half-Lined Back Pocket
• Deer skin Leather Patch
• Made In Japan

They have similar specifications, but different cuttings :
• SD-103 : Slim Straight
• SD-106 : Slim Tapered
• SD-107 : Super Slim Tapered

Here they are some pictures of them (SD-107 in Photo) :

SD-107 Back

SD-107 Front

Coin Pocket

Leather Patch
Arcuate & Reinforced Back-Pocket.

As you can see from the pictures above, SDA is making great jeans. They use super rigid fabric for these 3 basic jeans. It's an easy job for us to make it stands on their own legs. Like this :
A pair of SDA is Standing on its own legs

One signature feature of SDA is a reinforced back pocket. As you can see at the picture above, There's a horizontal stitch under the arcuate. This stitch has a function as a reinforcement to make the back pocket attached longer. We will get a unique fade in the back pocket as well as a bonus.

As a Conclusion, SDA is simply great. They set the level of a great pair of jeans, and until now they still keep it. If you're currently looking for a new pair of jeans, you must put SDA in your consideration for sure.

Sizes : 28 - 34, 36 & 38

Sizing Advice for SD-103, SD-106, & SD-107 : Go for your True size (TTS) or Upsize One size for slightly looser fit

Note : As stated before, this is an unsanforized jean. So, please consider a shrinkage after washing / soaking. Generally, SD-10x will shrink 2-3" at inseam and around 1-2" at waist depending the temperature of the water and the agitation level you did to the jean.

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